Other Important Orders - 2018

Order No. Subject Date
D1(a)-50677/2018/MM Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place Act 2013 - Re-constitution of Internal Complaints Commitee- Orders Issued 29/06/2018
C3-73555/2016/MM Monthly remuneration of Casual Sweepers – Amount sanctioned- Orders Issued 19/06/2018
Camp-51/2018/MM District Police Office- Seat arrangements– Orders issued 26/05/2018
G1-39659/2018/MM State Plan Schemes, Centrally Sponsored Schemes & Other Projects- Appointing Nodal Officers for the Implementation of the Schemes and Projects– Orders issued 25/05/2018
A1-32319/2017/MM Setting up of cyber crime investigation Cell in all Police Stations - deputing police personnel– Orders issued 10/05/2018
A1-1602/2018/MM Front Office System @ District Police Office, Malappuram– Orders issued 27/04/2018
C3-73555/2016/MM Monthly remuneration of Casual Sweepers – Amount sanctioned– Orders issued 19/04/2018
B6-46999/2018/PHQ Revision of existing rates of fee/ service charges by Police Department– Orders issued 31/03/2018
C3-8821/2018/MM Appointment of Part Time Sweepers – Orders issued 28/03/2018
I3-1618/2018/PHQ Right to Information Act, 2005 – Re-designating Public Information Officers in the Police Stations– Orders issued 20/02/2018
G5-3806/2018/MM Kerala Police Welfare & Amenity Fund - Formation of KPW & AF Unit Committee 2018 - Orders issued 01/02/2018
A1-4135/2018/MM Creation of a new section for Digitalization of Personnel database - Orders issued 25/01/2018
C3-80247/2017/MM Footwear Allowance to Part-Time Contingent Employees for the financial year 2016-17 – Amount sanctioned – Orders issued 22/01/2018
G1-549/2018/MM STUDENT INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - Appointment of Nodal Officer - Orders issued 17/01/2018